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QTVR Plugin

To view the panoramic movies on this site you will need to have QuickTime software installed on your computer. QuickTime is free.

   Download the free QuickTime plugin.


To navigate this web site uses the buttons on the bottom of the pages.

Moving your mouse inside the icons you also see a help line.

If an icon is gray icon then is means that is inactive.

Small icons and Maps

On monasteries pages you see a map and a small icon of the location that photo was taken.

To view the thumbnails of all icons for this monastery click on the specific icon that I have notice on the next photo.

Panoramic - QTVR

The pages that use QTVR panoramic movies are notice with the VR small logo.

To move inside a QTVR panoramic photo, click inside them and drag your mouse.

When you open a page that contains a QuickTime VR movie, first wait until the movie has loaded (you can begin navigating before the movie is fully loaded but you may experience unexpected results). Then position your cursor over the image, click and hold down your mouse button, and drag your mouse in the direction you would like to explore. The cursor will change as you drag through the panorama.

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